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Your CallSprout cloud-based phone system on your desktop

CallSprout Desktop is a software application that converts your desktop into a unified communication interface that will revolutionize your communication style. Access your directory, check on the availability of clients and reach out to talk or chat.

The Sky is the Limit with our customized,reliable, affordable solutions.

Feature List

You will be amazed at the array of advanced procedures available to you through your CallSprout desktop application.


Extension dialing


Presence monitoring


CRM Integration


Internal chat




Click to call


Click to chat


Favorites sidebar


Add contacts


Search contacts


View contact details


Works with Mac, PC, Linux and Chromebook

Treat yourself to simple and quick business conversation.

Whether your call is to a team member or a client, click on that number and get started.

Set up your corporate directory so that it works for you.

Search your directory for names, add to your favorites sidebar and easily add new contacts.

Stop that annoying game of Phone Tag.

Determine whether or not your contact is available before you place your call. CallSprout has a monitoring system that will allow you to see when your contact is available. Simply checkout your favorites sidebar to see if they are on the phone or not.

Integrate your CRM with your CallSprout phone system.

CallSprout is often integrated with leading CRM (customer relationship management) software. A call comes in, CallSprout identifies the caller to your CRM contacts, a screen pops up with the caller’s name, account information and call logs. Presto! You are armed and ready to take the call with all that you need.

CallSprout’s myriad of advanced features are available at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

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